GX9 100cc

GX9 100cc

Focus Shots

GX9-F100 Gasoline powered multi purpose helicopter with long flight time and high payload capacity.
We use 3 half symetrical blades which is designed with high efficiency and strong carbon structure.
Along with it is the 100cc 4 stroke gasoline engine which is designed and manufactured by our company.
It comes with a large free space in between the Skids and body which allows user to mount different payload onto the helicopter.
GX9 is also integrated with fully automatic Flight control. It is highly agile, milti purpose,high payload capacity and have extra long flight duration time.

GX9 100spec_1
GX9 100spec_2
GX9 100spec_4
GX9 100spec_4
GX9 F100_5

GX9 F100_6

GX9 F100_7

GX9 F100_8

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